IT Service Management and Delivery

IT’s industrial revolution is upon us, and it’s all about service. IT now focuses on the customer, services and automation.To stay relevant and competitive, business leaders must embrace industrialized automation as a way to deliver customer outcomes faster, cheaper and at higher quality. We can help you achieve all of this with our array of services and solutions. Let us do what we do best to safeguard your business and delivery outstanding service.

Case Study

Would your Business continue to trade if a major disaster affected your IT Systems?
Group 1

A disaster could be a failure in the IT Systems themselves, an event that rendered the
premises housing them inactive, or an ever increasing threat is that known as Ransomware.

This is where criminals actively infect your IT Systems with a virus, such that your systems are encrypted and can no longer be used…

Unless the extortionists are paid (normally by bitcoin) their usually high demands to
unencrypt the systems, as they are the only people who know the encryption key.

A recent survey has shown that Ransomware is now the most common cause for Companies
to have to invoke their DR recovery plans.

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